Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cherry Cola

Monday, May 12, 2008
Oh my gosh! Chickens have got to be the fastest growing animals on the planet. I can tell almost from one day to the next how much they've grown. I have had to change the water in the brooder at least 4 times a day. They seem to get the pine shavings in the water constantly and I was worried about their getting enough to drink. The feeder ends up with a lot of shavings in it as well. Friday night I decided to see what other options there are for pet litter. I found something called Care Fresh Pet Bedding. It says "extra-long, extra soft fibers for sensitive skin." It is puffy and dense and it did the trick. No more litter in the water. I only had to change their water once per day after that. It cost a bit more than pine shavings but is definitely worth it. Hey, thought of a cute name for the red frizzle - Cherry Cola. She is the same color of a cherry cola when the light shines through it.


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