Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beginning the Coop & The Rooster Crows

May 27, 2008
We started on the coop this weekend. It's 7' tall, 8' wide, and 4' deep. It's not the original design I had in mind but will be just fine - a fine coop. There is a door on one end and the opposite wall will hold the nexting boxes. My biggest concern is making sure the run has shade. I will plant some things around the perimeter of the run in the fall. Too hot to plant now.
May 29, 2008
Today the chicks were out in the kitchen for some exercise. They are getting more used to me and Peachy and are not as skittish. I gave them macaroni salad and they gobbled it up like it was ice cream!! They were'nt the least bit interested in dried cherries. When I came in from cutting the grass, they were standing on the edge of Peaches bowl eating his dry cat food.
I was taking a nap this afternoon and pretty sure I heard an attempted crow. There's a rooster in the house but I don't know who it is!


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