Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sweet Awakening!

June 5, 2008
I was awakened this morning by a crow! Peaches jumped off the bed and ran into the kitchen. I followed him and found one of the mottled cochins standing by himself and crowing. It reminded me of a cartoon. The others were under the little top still laying down. He is the one that pays the most attention to me and comes running to me. I couldn't help but feel proud of him but know that he'll have to go back to the farm.
June 12
Not only one roo but two so far. I discovered that the other mottled Cochin is a roo as well. They sound like they both have laryngitis when crowing. I really do love being awakened by the sound. It just seems so natural and peaceful to me. One of the curly frizzles was pecking at Binky (the name I gave the first discovered rooster) at first whenever he crowed but I haven't seen that in the last couple of days. The two Cochin roosters get into small skirmishes sometimes. I find it interesting that the two roosters seem to be the most curious about things. Everyone else is pretty quiet and I still hear the "cheep, cheep" from them.
I keep waiting and thinking the the Golden Laced Polish will begin crowing. The only reason I've been thinking that is because she(?) is the largest of all the birds I have and has been since I brought them home at one week old. She is a beautiful, mighty looking bird, not nearly as delicate looking as the Silver Laced Polish. They both continue to be very quiet.



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