Monday, March 9, 2009

Re-use and Recycle

March 9, 2009
After years of off and on recycling, I've made a commitment to be more consistent with my recycling efforts. Re-use has ALWAYS been a priority with me but I've been lack at times with the recycling. Another priority of mine has been to save as much as possible on electricity. I admit, this has been more of a self-centered endeavor as it's been to cut down the cost of my use of electricity. I cringe and am amazed when I go to someones house and it seems every light is on in the house and the TV runs constantly with no one watching. Growing up here in the city, the local schools really promoted recycling and reusing with my sons class, with many of the schools having their own recycling programs and contests. The students were excited and had valuable life long learning experiences. Speaking of re-use, I've discovered reusable shopping totes and have stocked up! My house is running over with plastic bags. I re-use them for a lot of things but not nearly enough to keep up with the constant supply. How sad is it to see these bags stuck in tree and shrubbery flapping in the breeze all the time? It occured to me several months ago to just make my own shopping totes. My son thought that was a lame idea (obviously he doesn't appreciate my sense of creativity or coolness). I nixed that idea as soon as I saw more and more of the reusables popping up at my favorite shopping destinations. What really inspired me was the cute cute cute totes at Walgreens. By the way, JoAnn Fabrics has some awesome reusable green bags and they hold about what three regular sized grocery store plastics hold. I was under the impression you had to actually have the store brand bag in order to use it in a particular store. Not so I found out yesterday as I used my first one in the grocery store. I felt a sense of accomplishment as I picked up my tote and walked back to my car. What normally takes about three bags only took the one. This girl is sold on reusable totes!!!


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