Thursday, October 23, 2008


First of all, thanks to Yvonne for encouraging me to write again and for always inquiring about my chickens.
I recently required my first pieces of Jadeite. My good friend, Michelle, started a collection for me and I am tickled to have it. I've always loved the quiet beauty of the unassuming jadeite. It goes perfectly with the retro look that I like so much. I've learned recently from my research that Jadeite was manufactured by many companies, not just Fire King, as I thought. It was produced from the 1930s-1970s. It is heavy, durable, and was used alot by the restaurant industry. Many different items of jadeite were produced - my ultimate find will be a jadeite doorknob! I understand there are over 100 different patterns but I haven't found out the name of my pattern yet. And if I'm understanding correctly, my particular pieces (well at least the dinner plates, cups, saucers, and mugs) were made in the early 60s. I'll try to identify the art nouveau vase, and creamer and sugar bowl. Here are some pictures of my first pieces. I haven't found anything about the S&P shakers yet either. Thanks Michelle!!


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