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July 18, 2008
Paddy Cakes and Lilliput started sneezing last week. I did some research on the internet, pulled out my books, and talked with Bruce at Southern States. I decided to put them on an antibiotic for a week. I don't think it's serious as there has been no nasal discharge, no watery eyes, and no wierd poopie. However; I would rather err on the side of caution and nip this in the bud before all 4 start sneezing and it gets worse. I also wanted to treat them way before egg laying time which shouldn't be until September or October. They are not listless and continue to eat fine. They've just enjoyed some fresh Romaine lettuce and raw squash. They have gotten into their own routine now, after having lived together for a week. Ocassionally I will see Paddy Cakes peck at the new cochin (who is yet to be named) but not like at first. I spent quite a bit of time with them this weekend and took them each out individually for a cuddle. I rub them and talk to them while I kick back in my willow chair. Lilliput actually purred! I am not joking and my friend Nora was there and witnessed it as well. She purred for several minutes while I held her and stroked her crown. It was amazing. A woman that comments on my blog occasionally suggested saving the feathers for making dream catchers or other things. What a marvelous idea except I don't know how to make them. I actually have been saving them but hadn't thought of using them for anything except to fill up different vases. Any other ideas for using these pretty feathers?

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At July 31, 2008 at 12:33 PM , Blogger Corinne said...

:) Another way to use the feather? I'm not sure if I mentioned it already... If you are ok with it, they make wonderful earrings and hair pieces... I had a strip of leather that had hot glued to the ends two really gorgeous feathers, there were beads that covered up the "seams"
I got mine at the Renaissance Fair, but I'm sure they would be pretty easy to make with a little practice and not overdoing it with the glue :)
I also had tiny feather earrings that people just loved... I wore them with southwestern skirts and leather boots and always got comments lol (I'm not really a beautiful person either ;)
here is a link for a dream catcher how-to... when I made mine, this is the method I used... check out the diagrams at the bottom, I believe all the supplies can be found in a craft store and your chicken coop :)


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