Monday, March 9, 2009

The Biggest Little Snow in Town

You'd have to be a local to understand the title that goes with the first picture. On March 1, 2009, we had the biggest snow we've had in years. We had 10 inches here in the 'burg with some of the surrounding counties getting up to 14 inches. I realize that's not big to North Easterners, but here it is. The anticipation was great - first the weather reports, then the trying not to get too excited because it probably wasn't going to happen anyway. Sunday evening it started sleeting and snowing around 7:00 PM. By 7:45 I was happily planning a walk and bundling up. (I got to wear my new boots!) We started up the street but the sleet was stinging our faces so we turned and walked down the street. After getting splashed by several passing cars, we walked faster. When we got back to the house I felt so energized - my heart rate was up and I could breathe! It was terrific if only for a short time.
Monday morning when I woke, the neighborhood was blanketed in the beautiful fluffy stuff. What a joy it was to see and smell and feel. We shoveled the drive and sidewalk in no time at all. Two glorious snow days home!


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